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It has been said that organizations compete from the neck up.  The right combination of organizational readiness and people, fully engaged, accountable and focused on delivering results, are your best competitive advantage.

And our clients say it best – “razor sharp focus and value-add solutions”; “enabled the organization to make significant progress”; “everything you did made this a strong, more vital organization”; “trusted and respected by people at all levels of the organization”; “ensured we were thinking strategically.”  

Let us show you how we’ve consistently created measurable, sustainable results for clients in the corporate, not-for-profit, higher education and government sectors.

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The Departure Lounge - How To Exit Gracefully
The worst has happened – for whatever reason you’ve just been terminated. Face to face with this difficult reality there is the first rush of emotions – fear, embarrassment, confusion - which may then quickly morph to indignation and anger - then to concern about how you will tell your family - and for those tortured few who felt it coming for a while, there may also be a sense of welcome relief.

And then the inevitable question – what do I do now?
Posted: 4/17/2015 7:01:00 AM